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We offer a wide range of high-quality plumbing and heating services to our customers, including the following:

Boiler installation

Whether you’re supplied by gas or LPG, a new boiler and central heating controls can bring many benefits: reliable heating and hot water, energy efficiency, reduced gas bills, and peace of mind that your home will be warm whenever you want it to be. We install only the most efficient and effective boilers from leading manufacturers, giving you peace of mind that your new boiler will continue to function properly and reliably for many years. At Pro Plumbing and Heating, we can also advise you on the most appropriate and suitable boiler for you and your home, including combination boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers.

Smart phone heating controls

One of the most popular products we can now bring to your home is smart phone controls, allowing you to control the heating and hot water in your house from anywhere, via the internet. Imagine the convenience of being able to switch on your heating if you’re coming home early from work, or delaying the time your heating comes on if you want to stay out late. Smart phone heating controls aren’t just convenient – by monitoring your energy consumption, they also allow you to make sure your central heating isn’t on unnecessarily, thereby saving you money on your bills.

Central heating servicing & repairs

At Pro Plumbing and Heating we’re experts in servicing and repairing faults in both gas and LPG central heating installations and boilers. It doesn’t matter whether we originally supplied and installed your central heating and boiler – we’ll come out to carry out regular servicing to keep your boiler functioning as reliably and efficiently as possible. We can also quickly diagnose boiler faults and repair them in as short a timescale as possible, minimising any disruption or discomfort to you.

Gas work

It’s vital you always engage a qualified and registered gas engineer to carry out any gas work in your home or commercial premises. You can be sure that we at Pro Plumbing and Heating Ltd will always send out a suitably qualified person to carry out all kinds of gas work, including the following services:

  • Relocating your gas meter
  • Installing a new gas cooker
  • Installing a new gas fire
  • Repairs and servicing to gas appliances such as cookers, fires and more
  • Slat conversions
  • and more.

Underfloor heating

Installing underfloor heating can be a huge benefit to many homes, as it’s highly efficient and can be a very economical to heat all or part of your home. While it’s a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, underfloor heating can be installed in any room of your home. At Pro Plumbing & Heating we’re experts in designing, supplying and installing underfloor heating systems, which can be powered by electricity or your existing boiler. We can also advise you on the best type of underfloor heating for your home, and what other work will need to be done to your floor for the installation to take place.

Landlords’ gas certificates & safety checks

As a landlord, it’s vital that you keep to certain standards to ensure the safety of your tenants and the continued reliable functioning of any gas installations and appliances in your property. To this end, we offer a range of services to landlords. Whether you have one property or 100 properties, we can provide the following:

  • Gas safety checks and certificates
  • Regular boiler servicing
  • A call-out service for central heating faults and repairs
  • Plumbing services
  • Gas appliance supply and installation
  • and more.

We’re happy to liaise directly with your tenant to arrange access to the property, but will always ensure we provide you with all the necessary paperwork afterwards, as well as advising you of any issues that may need to be rectified.

General plumbing work

From a leaking tap or installation of a new washing machine, through to repairs of failing water pipework, we at Pro Plumbing & Heating can take on all kinds of general plumbing work, finishing every job to the high standards you’d expect from a company of our calibre. Our general plumbing services include the following:

  • Repair or replacement of taps
  • Installation and repair of sinks, baths and toilets
  • Shower and shower pumps repair or replacement
  • Leaks repaired
  • Replacement of waste disposal units
  • Installation of washing machines and dishwashers
  • Repair or replacement of hot water cylinders.

New build and refurbishment projects

If you’re building a new home or refurbishing an existing one, it’s likely you may need a wide range of plumbing and heating services, from designing the central heating system through to installing a new boiler and bathroom. Why not leave everything to one professional plumbing and heating firm like us?

We can get involved in your new build or refurbishment project at an early stage, helping to ensure your designs include the necessary plumbing and heating systems, then supplying and installing the best products to the highest standards. Whether you have one house or a whole development of several self-contained properties, we’re experienced at working with other contractors, property developers, architects and construction firms to deliver the right services at the right times.

About Us

Pro Plumbing & Heating Ltd was established in August 2013, with the aim of delivering the highest standards of workmanship, professionalism and customer service to all our clients.


  • Boiler installation
  • Smart phone heating controls
  • Central heating servicing & repairs
  • Gas work
  • Underfloor heating
  • Landlords’ gas certificates
  • Safety checks
  • General plumbing work
  • New build & refurbishment projects

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